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Tracey Gore WINS 

2016 Fort Myers Beach 

Town Council Election

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FMB Youth Council inspired to lead

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — Children are taking charge.

A newly formed Fort Myers Beach Youth Council will have input on Town Council decisions.

The Youth Council consists of fifth-graders from Mrs. Jennifer Martin’s classroom at Fort Myers Beach Elementary School.

Connor Amos and Caprice Wells were elected Tuesday by other fifth-graders to be mayor and vice mayor, respectively. Three others will serve as youth council members, and all will work closely with Town Council member Tracey Gore to learn about government.

“It’s important we listen to our children,” Gore said. “They are such a big part of our community.”

The Youth Council will meet at their school and make presentations in Town Council chambers.

Tracey Gore with Island Matriarch Fran Santini

Ode to Fort Myers Beach



Fort Myers Beach, you are my home
I cherish you bridge to bridge;
Island youth was a blessing
I have passed along to my kids.

We learned the stingray shuffle,
Grabbed sand dollars up with our toes;
Projects are made from beach seashells
Our gifts from when the wind blows.

Beach school was the best place for learning, 
We wrote our names in the cement;
This fifth grade graduation tradition,
Is still an awesome event!

Our small town community character,

Which makes this island so rare;
Is priceless and meant to be cherished,
Protected and handled with care.

No matter how long one has been here,
It sure doesn't take long to know,
The uniqueness of this special island,

And it's place as a part of your soul.

Twenty years we have upheld the vision,
Forming goals and our government lite.
We've developed together with foresight, 
Following codes to do it just right.

Still an island swept over with sunshine, 
Still alive with families and cheer;
Fort Myers Beach, we pledge to protect you, 
Year after year after year...

Vice Mayor Tracey Gore and Matanzas General Manager Tony Coppolino present a check to Noelle Casagrande with Operation Open Arms. Gore volunteered to promote the event and sell tickets.


Mayor Tracey Gore

Community Volunteer

tracey grand marshall.jpg

Tracey Gore, a longtime volunteer who organizes the princesses for the annual Shrimp Festival, was named honorary grand marshal for Saturday's parade.

2016 Queen and Pricesses.JPG
Tracey and Mayors Be Kind.JPG

"Be Kind" Campaign Lee County Mayors

Joe Coviello - Cape Coral, Randy Henderson - City of Fort Myers,

Tracey Gore - Town of Fort Myers Beach,  Jim Boesch - Village of Estero,

Kevin Ruane - Sanibel and Peter Simmons - Bonita Springs

Tracey & Mayors.JPG

Edison Festival of Lights Parade

Lee County Mayors

Joe Coviello of Cape Coral, Randy Henderson of City of Fort Myers,

Tracey Gore of Town of Fort Myers Beach,

Kevin Ruane of Sanibel and Peter Simmons of Bonita Springs

Tracey with congressman frances rooney o

Congressman Francis Rooney presents the Navy Distinguished Public Service Medal to Doug Suter on behalf of Captain John “GiddyUp” Bunch, founder of Operation Open Arms. Vice Mayor Tracey Gore, an Open Arms volunteer, introduced the ceremony.

Tracey and mayors at county commission.j

Lee County Mayors working for water quality at Lee County Commission meeting

Lee County Mayors travel to West Palm to attend SFWMD Board Meeting about 

Water Quality September 13, 2018

Click below link and forward to 3:36:00 to hear

Lee County Mayors

Kevin Ruane, Joe Coviello, Randy Henderson,

Tracey Gore and Peter Simmons

Beach Kids Foundation donates to families impacted by Hurricane Michael

Beach Kids Foundation Volunteer Tracey Gore, Past President Fran Myers and President Linda Beasley collect and package supplies and toys for kids and families impacted by Hurricane Michael

Beach kids earn $26,000 for college

Recipients of the Beach Kids Foundation scholarship that attended the award ceremony and president of the foundation, Linda Beasley.  LEAH SANKEY

Beach Kids Foundation grants scholarships to local teens

Tracey Gore: Our Mom for Mother's Day

Gore and Boback Win Council Seats


 ISP Staff

March 17, 2016


In an election that inspired 57.7% of registered Island voters to participate, council newcomer Tracey Gore and former council member Dennis Boback won seats on the Fort Myers Beach Town Council Tuesday.

Gore won her seat with 1,318 votes or 27% of the vote, while Boback won with 858 votes or 17.6%. Other candidates totals: Jack Green – 790 votes (16.2%); Dan Andre (incumbent) – 650 votes (13.4%); Suzanne Katt – 606 votes (12.5%); Bruce Butcher – 594 votes (12.2%) and Ber Stevenson – 51 votes (1%).

The two new council members will be sworn into office at the next Town Council meeting, March 21st at 6:30pm in Council Chambers at Town Hall, 2525 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach.

More voters in all three Fort Myers Beach precincts chose to vote early or by mail than chose to appear at the voting booth on Election Day. On Tuesday, 1314 voters went to the polls, while 1413 mailed in their ballot and 171 voted early. The overall turnout was well ahead of any recent election in Fort Myers Beach history.

Tracey Gore told us that she is excited about working for the Town and thanked everyone who turned out to vote for her.

“I am looking forward to getting the community back to where they feel like they can trust the town again,” she said. “I also want to get all committees going and the members to feel like they’re appreciated – our town runs on volunteers. And I want to look into what’s happening at Bay Oaks. There are so many rumors – some of them pretty bad – and I want to make sure that facility keeps going as it is so important to this town.”

Fort Myers Beach Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp, Mayor Tracey Gore, Sanibel Councilwoman Holly Smith

Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane, Town of Fort Myers Beach Mayor Tracey Gore, City of Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson, Cape Coral Mayor Joe Coviello

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Tracey Gore with the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses & Team

Beach School to benefit from golf event

Beach Kids to Beach Council
Former Vice Mayor Summer Stockton and former Mayor Tracey Gore.
Both women grew up on Fort Myers Beach, went to Beach Elementary School, and the only Beach Kids to date elected to the Town Council.

March 18, 2019


Celebrating the end of a three year term and all the great things the town council and island community accomplished, and back to civilian life!

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